360° Video


The 360 capture process begings with filming an experience through the use of our 10, high resolution, high frame-rate cameras which record footage viewable at 4k: 2160p quality on YouTube, the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR. Our cameras are set to the appropriate ISO settings depending on the availability of lighting, proper frame-rate speeds depending on movement speed and correct capture settings to produce the best content possible.

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As each of the cameras in our 10-camera capture unit produces its own video file, our team needs to stitch these 10, 2D files into one, 3D 360 file that allows for a full viewing experience. We do this by using motion synchronization to ensure the videos are playing at the same position. Thereafter, we create a reference panorama from still images extracted from the video and apply that stitching, pixel by pixel throughout the video. Finally, colour correction, horizon correction and stabilization are performed to ensure a seamless 360 video.

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Our post-production editing process allows for the addition of image overlays, text overlays, voice-over, and stereoscopic audio. This allows for a more immersive experience as the volume and direction of sound will differ based on where the viewer is and what they are observing. This part of the process also allows for transitions between multiple scenes as well as branding the video with personalized logos.

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360 Video Integration

Once the 360 video is completed, metadata scripts are imbedded onto the video to enable the “click & drag” functionality on YouTube, Facbook, or your choice of targeted media. Once the metadata is imbedded the file can be uploaded, or displayed on your harware solution. Thereafter, it will be playable through its fully interactive and engaging 360 video viewer format.

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Virtual Reality Integration

The video is also viewable on the Oculus Rift and Samsung GearVR after it is finished. This offers the user the greatest amount of immersion into the experience as they will truly see the experience from the viewpoint of the camera. Viewing the 360 content on the Oculus Rift can be accomplished via a download link or at trade shows where an Oculus can be running at your booth.

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Final Product

Click And Drag On The Video To Experience 360°

360 Video Tells An Immersive Story

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