Virtual Reality


Your brand is made up of “stories”. Stories are composed of the people and the customers you engage with and we bring those stories to life. The creation of your virtual reality experiences starts with building a story around the experiences you want to convey to your customers and we use some of the most advanced storyboarding techniques to ensure your story is one that resonates with your audience. Virtual reality is powerful. It provides a revolutionary medium to tell your story.

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We build your virtual reality experiences with some of the best game developers and 3D artists in the world. What we can build for your brand is only limited by your “Imagination”. Virtual reality development is much like video game development and we have the most experienced teams located in Toronto and London that can build your brands next virtual reality experience or story.

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It’s one thing to build a beautiful environment, it’s another to be immersed in a world that your viewers can affect. We build virtual reality experiences that allow users to walk, move, and change the world around them, as if they are actually there! The animation that our team builds in virtual reality adds a layer of interaction within an experience. This interaction engages your customers with your brand like no other medium can.

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Integrating Virtual Reality

We integrate your virtual reality experiences, stories and games with all the latest virtual reality hardware. This includes the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and other various mobile cases. Changes in virtual reality are moving rapidly, and our team has the experience to provide your brand with the latest in virtual reality technology

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